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„The network is great, we actually generated orders successfully with the previous company through KNRBB.“

Read our interview with Daniel Fräde, Sales Manager Bus of Franz Kiel GmbH

The company is called Franz Kiel GmbH, based in Nördlingen, and was founded exactly 75 years ago. However, the big celebration was postponed because of Corona. I myself have been Sales Manager Bus for the Kiel Group since June 2020. We have about 2,000 employees worldwide and manufacture bus and train seats.

Let’s move on to KNRBB. What are your expectations of the network?

I have the highest expectations (laughs)… – no, I know the network from my previous company and it was a matter of course for me to be back at KNRBB with the new company. The network is great, we actually generated orders successfully with the previous company through KNRBB. And that’s how it should work. People exchange information and try to help each other.

What is your vision regarding the network, what else do you want to achieve?

Of course, we want to make ourselves known to every member and see where there are synergies. For example, in purchasing. Or you work together a project, – or planning together a completely new project for the future.

Do you have any specific project ideas in mind?

We already have concrete project ideas. First of all, we would like to offer our coatings to the network partners and, in a second step, approach the associations and the operators. Because ultimately, the signal has to come from the operator, they have to say in the specific case: “Okay, I need a permanent seal instead of disinfection”.

How do you see the rail industry in five years’ time?

There are changes, indeed. However, these are usually only minor changes. Now, and also in my previous job, I was involved in Deutsche Bahn’s “Idea Train” project, so I was really, really involved. There are already new and sometimes really crazy ideas. Of these 22 ideas, nine have managed to be realized in the future. A good rate actually.

Can you name one for us?

So one was – it wasn’t mine, I have to say – standing seats. It was a kind of mixture of seat and leaning aid. Often there are commuters who only drive 20 minutes or half an hour into the city and they don’t want to sit (they often do that all day), but prefer to lean. The stand-up seat is a safe compromise, of course, with the advantage that you can carry more people. Other example: New, interactive displays that guide passengers, for example, to the left or to the right, depending on where and how busy the train is.

The interview was conducted by Anja Titze by Meko


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