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„I don´t like networking when it means having to present yourself on prom nights.“

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What are your expectations of KNRBB, specifically of networking?

I don´t like networking when it means having to present yourself on prom nights. The project-oriented approach to working in partnership is what’s really important. Open exchange among like-minded people – who also want to make sales – can bring benefits for everyone involved. What counts for us is that we develop interesting and tangible solutions in the projects with our customers. And that works just great with partners from KNRBB. In terms of the setup, it’s the right approach for us to find contacts and exchange ideas. When projects emerge that require partners for implementation, we quickly find what we are looking for in the pool of network partners. This is what makes KNRBB really great, unlike these many events where networking is never really lived, where nothing ever happens, where you very rarely and only by chance get to know someone. No, the project-oriented work supported by KNRBB, where you can develop together, makes all the difference.

Do you have any specific project ideas in mind?

Yes, but there’s no quick answer to that here. All I can say is that what we’ve done so far has worked great: Straightforward, pragmatic exchange, no waffling, not 20,000 tons of PowerPoint sheets, instead exchanging ideas and saying: “There’s a requirement” or “There’s a problem – and we’ll solve it”. Heike and Ralf: This kind of speed, this kind of pragmatism is what I was looking for.

And the honest way of dealing with each other?

Yes, I can only emphasize that. It’s really pleasant.

How do you see the rail industry in five years’ time?

It won’t be an essential difference from today. But I think there will be an interesting connection when we bring together the digital innovations, these wonderful innovations that we are currently experiencing, with a rather sluggish industry that I think is just opening up to these innovations. That’s where future technology, with all the imponderables that come with it, meets the old. The old, which is left in place because it simply works. Let’s look at Eastern Europe. There are things on the road that would no longer run here. But they will continue to drive. This skillful blending of old and new – that’s what’s really new.

The interview was conducted by Anja Titze by Meko


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