Our values

Our values

Trust is an essential basis for economic interaction. There is no long-term functioning cooperation without mutual respect, fairness, integrity. Heike Uhe, supporter of KNRBB: “Anyone who operates internationally knows the enormous value of trust; it is the most important currency we have.”
Professional-technical exchange, knowledge transfer, joint planning and calculation only work in a protected atmosphere of trust. KNRBB is committed to this special corporate culture in various ways, also toward third parties. “Commitment is a concept steeped in tradition that has to be lived again and again”.

Networking is a strategy, not a single activity. Each network partner knows its market best, and thus each network partner is at the same time a multiplier for partners from other countries.


„You want to get more information? – Get in touch with us and learn more about KNRBB, its partners and the services we can provide to support your project.“

Fränze Habedank
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