Qualified partnership

We are a qualified, market-oriented network that generates real added value, a network that is more than the sum of its participating companies (download overview partners).

Qualified partnership

There are many networks. Often, they are non-binding communities of interest. KNRBB sees its task in shaping partnerships in such a way that they represent real added value for all those involved: For the network, for external clients, for the way we cooperate.

  • KNRBB brings together different companies in the field of railway technology. The entire spectrum of activities is covered: consulting, production, marketing, sales.
  • Members of the KNRBB are companies that see themselves as active partners, who are open to joint projects, but also to mutual participation in order to achieve more for everyone together.
  • Fairness and mutual respect form the foundation for long-term cooperation. KNRBB attaches great importance to a special corporate culture in dealing with each other and with third parties. Commitment is a concept rich in tradition that must be protected.
  • KNRBB itself does not pursue any product interests of its own. This enables special cooperation with interest groups, commercial enterprises and research institutions, in short: a special kind of knowledge transfer.

KNRBB is open to the outside world, it cooperates with other companies and forms international alliances on a project-by-project basis.

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„Take your project and find partners who know how to collaborate.”

Ralf Meinsen, Management
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