Antonics-ICP GmbH

Ameisenweg 5 / Business-Park
16727 Velten

Phone +49 3304 / 25 42 04


At the Berlin site, antenna solutions for professional applications are developed and produced on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies. As a manufacturer of railroad antennas or railroad radio antennas of the brand OmPlecs and DiPlecs, ANTONICS is mainly active as a railroad equipment supplier. ANTONICS products enable major industrial manufacturers and users to provide innovative communication solutions for their products and systems in the 50 MHz to 8000 MHz range for radio applications such as 2m band, BÜNDELFUNK, TETRA, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE 2×2 MIMO, LTE 4×4 MIMO, WLL 3.5, WLAN 2.4, WiMAX, WiFi 4.9, WLAN 5.8, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU.
ANTONICS has the latest robotics, turning, milling, antenna simulation and antenna special technology at its disposal and has thus created the basis for the most modern antenna development and manufacturing center in Berlin/Brandenburg. The focus of manufacturing is concentrated on the field of rail transport technology / railroad industry one of the most important sectors and industries in the region of Berlin / Brandenburg. The production of all mechanical precision parts takes place in-house. The focus is not primarily on mass-produced products, but on customized products developed and produced for users. All railroad antennas of ANTONICS are certified according to the railroad standards EN 50155 and others.