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www: witt-solutions.de/en

Witt Solutions GmbH was founded in 1972 and develops and produces innovative measurement technology for DC networks. We have a patented procedure for a self-resetting voltage limiting device that covers the DIN EN 50122 standard and offer a very large VLD standard product range. In addition to the determination and evaluation of voltages and currents, devices for insulation monitoring of the infrastructure and cable systems as well as measurement data management, e.g. stray currents, are offered. The solutions are based on a self-developed flexible measuring platform WITT-Bridge, which was developed according to the standards of a railway operation. In our in-house production, the processes were designed for individual and small series production with a high vertical range of manufacture of small series. The development team consists of specialists in power systems, hardware, embedded and power electronics development, who will be happy to support you with your tasks and implementation.
Typical applications are railway energy supply systems, DC railways, charging stations for trucks, trains, buses or battery buffer systems as well as hydrogen systems.