Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Pojazdów Szynowych „TABOR”

Institute of Rail Vehicles “TABOR” of the Łukasiewicz Research Network

ul. Warszawska 181
61-055 Poznań

Phone +48 61 653 4001
FAX +48 61 653 4002


Our institute has been in existence since 1945, and in the past decades most of the vehicles running on Poland’s rails have been the work of our institute’s specialists. From the very beginning, the most important resource of the R/E Institute “TABOR” has been its employees, thanks to whom our company is constantly developing or introducing new ideas. Our scientific-technical staff has completed internships at well-known European vehicle manufacturers and testing facilities. Many specialists of our institute participate in projects of national and international organizations of rolling stock, such as UIC and NBRAIL. To ensure a high professional level of our work, we constantly cooperate with other scientific and R/E institutions and maintain contacts with national and international rolling stock manufacturers. Our institute “TABOR” produces scientific publications for the railroad industry and publishes the quarterly technical journal “Schienenfahrzeuge/Rail Vehicles”.